Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tutorial: Pardon Me burp cloth

My little guy spits up....A LOT. We are talking 5 - 6 outfit changes a day at least a lot! And that is not counting every time he spits up, that is just when he gets his clothes soaking wet and I feel bad for him. It is also not counting how many times a day I need to change my own shirt! You know the scenes from the movies...projectile vomit scenes? Ummm...yeah, like that.

So when Clare e-mailed me with these burp cloths, I naturally got a huge kick out of them! I mean after all, who doesn't want a little 'Excuse Me' or 'Pardon Me' after they have just had projectile spit up spewed all over their shirt?! Lol

Clare runs a great blog called Clares Place, and is known for her AMAZING Quilt patterns. I featured two of them below...but you have absolutely got to see them all! As well as featuring some super cute crafts, like the button hair elastics and memory game...

Girl has got Talent with a capital T! And I am thrilled she would want to help blog sit while I am busy cleaning up all this spit

So without further ado I give you Clare from Clares Place, and her Burp Cloth Manners...


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